At SCF-nutrition we are all for living a healthy lifestyle, and therefore only creating formulations that are 100% backed by scientific research. All our products are manufactured and tested in a facility licenced and certified by the Medicines Control Council.

This is critical as we supply supplements to some of South Africa’s best athletes and players of all sorting codes including not just Springbok players but Olympic athletes such as Henricho Bruintjies and Ruswahl Samaai. All these elite athletes and players have achieved amazing results and have maintained a standard and quality over multiple seasons fueled by SCF Nutrition supplements. That alone is a proper guarantee of the quality of the product we offer.


Ruswahl Samaai

Vuyani Mashego

Phil-Mar Van Rensburg

Chris Thompson

Mfundo Ndlovu

Henricho Bruintjies

Alyssa Conley

Zeney Van Der Walt


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Recoup is most probably the best recovery aid on the market today. Top class players and athletes makes this their number one nutrition supplement.

Omega 3


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Omega-3, 6 and 9 are all fatty acids, with the main essential fatty acids in our diet being omega-3 and omega-6. Not only does the body need omega-3 to function, it offers a number of other benefits, including lowering the risk of heart disease, improving cholesterol levels and curbing stiffness and joint pain.

Elite Whey


Excellent source of high quality protein. Has a very high nutritional value and is highly digestible for quick absorption. Grow and maintain lean muscle while on a strength program. Good source of muscle recovery supplementation.



The core to our endurance sports. Taking during exercise delivers rapid energy to your working muscles and prolongs your endurance capacity. The energy supplying saccharides are released in stages after enzyme splitting of the bonded multi-saccharides in the digestive track by specific digestive enzymes.



Voltiac is a very potent pre-workout formulated to get our athletes and players ready to produce their best workouts. This product will get you ready mentally & physically, to concur any training session.
High caffeine content

Crea-X Form


Crea-x Form enhances the body’s capacity to perform high intensity work and assists greater muscle size and performance gains as a result. Supplementing with Crea-x Form reduces muscle cell damage and inflammation following exhaustive exercise and promotes complete recovery from intense exercise.



Recoup is most probably the best recovery aid on the market today. Top class players and athletes makes this their number one nutrition supplement.



Post-exercise Recovery +Rehydrate can improve the quality and the rate of recovery after serious exercise, such as cycling or a long run. By taking Return; one rapidly replenish the glycogen stores. With increased levels of essential Vitamins and Minerals, Return supports a complete and fast recovery after any sport event.



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Not having enough vitamin B12 can lead to anaemia, which means your body does not have enough red blood cells to do the job. This can make you feel weak and tired. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause damage to your nerves and can affect memory and thinking. B12B is a water-soluble vitamin that keeps your nerves and red blood cells healthy.

Uncut Vita


Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to function properly. For that you need to eat a balanced diet. Unfortunately not everyone gets to eat the right food every day. That’s where Uncut Vita fills the gap. Make sure you fuel your body every day with all the vitamins and minerals needed to function at optimum levels.

Classic BCAA


Unlike other amino acids, Classic BCAA by-pass the liver and are instead directly available to the working muscles to be used as fuel, stimulate protein synthesis, reduce muscle breakdown, and aid recovery.

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